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Bountiful Seasons: Embracing Change at Oak St Garden + Kitchen

Embracing the changing seasons at Oak St Garden + Kitchen, we prepare for winter. As the vibrant colors of summer yield to autumn's golden hues, our work continues.

The garden cleanup is a labor of love, a harmonious process of nurturing the earth we hold so dear. The sound of the lawnmower transforms into a gentle leaf vacuum, delicately collecting nature's cast-offs. These fallen leaves, a tapestry of earthy scents, are then cradled in our beds, forming a warm, protective mulch.

Before the leaves embrace their wintry slumber, we sprinkle a layer of coffee grounds - a gift from morning brews - to enrich the soil. The garden awaits its first blanket of freshly fallen snow, a promise of transformation.

Amidst the clearing, we found inspiration. A homage to the vibrant summer garden, crafted in our composting area, where organic matter takes on a life of its own. Our #compostart, a mosaic of discarded garden treasures, stands as a testament to the cycles of nature.

Throughout this season of change, we find joy in the little things, like crafting wreaths from the last herbal cuttings. Marigold garlands grace our cottage, welcoming autumn's festivities. Citrus circles dangle, soon to become vibrant garlands for upcoming celebrations with friends and family.

In the midst of these adjustments and transitions, this season has brought not only changes in the garden but also in life itself. It's a time of grace, a time of illumination, and a time to hold dear. We're humbled and grateful for the new friends who've joined our journey.

When life presented voids, the universe responded with love, weaving a tapestry of connections we couldn't have foreseen. This is a season of great happiness and realization, a reminder that life's beauty is boundless. Thank you for being a cherished part of our journey.

Love and gratitude

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