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Discover the unique flavors of our Sampler Pack: 5 Flavors of Shortbread. This pack includes a dozen assorted herb + flower shortbread cookies, each infused with a distinct blend of natural ingredients. Savor the holy basil + buckwheat for a nutty, earthy taste, or indulge in the rose + cardamom for a floral, spiced twist. The calendula + thyme offers a savory and herbaceous option, while the chamomile + salted butter creates a delicate, buttery flavor. Finally, treat yourself to the decadent marigold + sea salt + dark chocolate for a rich, sweet and salty delight. Perfect as a gift or for a personal indulgence, these shortbread cookies are a unique and flavorful experience.

Sampler Pack: 5 Flavors of Shortbread

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • 1 dozen cookies 

    Contains wheat, egg and milk

  • At Oak Street Garden + Kitchen, we're committed to delivering the finest products and services. Our cookies are freshly baked upon order, ensuring quality. We offer fast and reliable shipping with transparent costs, so you can enjoy our seasonal herb and flower delights promptly.

    Please plan for a minimum one-week baking and shipping time from your order date, which may extend during busier periods.

    We recommend placing holiday orders in advance to secure your treats, as we anticipate reaching order capacity during festive seasons.

    Thank you for choosing Oak Street Garden + Kitchen!

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