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Creating the Vision of Oak St Garden + Kitchen. Where my love for the earth and cooking converge!

The vision of Oak St Garden + Kitchen began with a deep intuitive calling. In a world that's rapidly changing, where trust is evolving, my inner voice urged me to take a different path. It whispered that I needed to cultivate medicinal herbs and unlock their secrets. The response was clear: learn to grow these precious plants and share their gifts with my family, friends, and community.

This newfound passion became a tapestry interwoven with my culinary journey, one that had its roots in the 1990s when I started as a pastry chef. Over the past three decades, I honed my culinary skills, but now, in Northern Utah, I was embarking on a new adventure.

Within the cozy confines of my home, I set up a cottage kitchen, where I immersed myself in the art of homesteading. The land generously provided a seasonal bounty, and I embarked on a mission to preserve its gifts. I learned the ancient crafts of canning, drying, preserving, freezing, and dehydrating. Tomatoes, plums, peaches, pears, apricots - all found their way into jars and storage, destined to grace our tables during the colder months. I carefully saved seeds and dried herbs, knowing that they held the essence of each season.

My culinary alchemy extended to making exquisite jams like Elderflower Apricot and Blueberry Lemon Thyme Butter. I experimented with Spiced Plum Elderberry and ventured into crafting Apple Butter and Applesauce. Herbs were transformed into teas, and the aroma of seasonal pies and breads wafted from my kitchen. I lovingly tended to bread starters, ensuring that we could savor the simple pleasure of homemade bread.

But my journey wasn't limited to the kitchen; it extended to the garden and beyond. I allowed the land, the plants, and the animals to become my teachers, guiding me on a profound journey of self-sufficiency. Among the blossoms and greenery, I welcomed the fairies, finding immense joy in their presence.

The Ogden Botanical Gardens became another wellspring of knowledge and inspiration. The generous gardeners there opened their hearts and minds, sharing their wisdom freely. From them, I gleaned insights and expertise, deepening my connection to the earth.

In a remarkable milestone, I'm on track to become a certified master gardener in Weber County this year. It's a celebration of the knowledge gained and the journey that still stretches ahead. Oak St Garden + Kitchen embodies this vision - a place where the love for the earth and the art of cooking converge, nurturing both body and soul.


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11 oct. 2023

Lovely! Your enthusiasm is delicious, dear Angela

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